Conditions of Use

Before all purchase, the customer recognizes have read and understood these sales conditions in full and the credit accepted.
If the customer fails to read these conditions, it to be liable for full.
It is also his responsibility to contact us if he has any questions on the conditions of sales.

ACCEPTANCE AND CONDITIONS site is a commercial company in Quebec working on internet. Partial or total reproduction of images or texts of this site is prohibited without the permission of the owner. In such cases of non-observance of this rule a message will be sent to the site webmaster or hosting the site so that the image or text that are our property to be removed.

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  • Page provides you with the quantity of available products.
    However, there are times that we are out of products either by the great demand of the product, the scarcity of the product or by discontinuity.
    It may also be some products require a build time.
    This is the case including all gold and Platinum jewellery which made one by one according to the customer's order.
    These commands require a period of 15 to 20 days of production.
    We will do our best to make products out of stock available to you as soon as possible.
    Unavailable products will be marked for three (3) asterisks.

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  • agrees to ship the products to the address that the client will have written of his command as soon as possible.

  • Orders must be done by internet or telephone.
  • No orders are accepted directly at the address below.
  • Problem with our site, please write to us at
  • For large orders, it may be that we ship your order in more than one Packet.

  • reserves the right to refuse shipment order if the customer has an unpaid previous balance or for any other reasons which will be explained to the email address will be provides its registration.

  • The customer is responsible for the information it has supplied when his/her order. Error or false information in his contact information, is not liable for the products delivered or lost due to the error or omission of the customer therefore no replacement or reimbursement may not take place.

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  • Packages are usually shipped by Poste Canada. If another mail service is used, customer will be informed before his parcel shipping.

  • We ship your order only when payment is received.

  • reserves the maximum period of thirty (30) days to ship the package. Delay related to the production of a product, the customer will receive a notice before sending and will have the choice whether to refuse this article to his command.

  • is deemed executed its main deliver the good or service which is the subject of the contract of sale when it attempted to run within thirty (30) days following the date of the official or the later date agreed in writing with the consumer order obligation or, yet, to date in a notice to the client within a reasonable time and that he was prevented from virtue of actions or negligence of the customer (does not respond to the emails we have sent, fails to provide the information requested etc.) Email address supplied when registering must be available anytime so that we can contact you easily and quickly, please also indicate our domain as a trusted sender name in order to avoid that our messages, if it is necessary, can be found in your junk mail.

  • Times may vary depending on various factors: mode of payment, war, strikes, terrorist attack, political conflict, riot clearance or other delays that are outside of our control.

  • The customer is responsible for charges of duty, taxes or any other fees related to the shipment of its parcel. The law provides that we advise you of this possibility of additional costs however, is not the responsibility of charge or inform you of the exact amount of these charges because they do not object in the contract of sale any we post or reimburse these fees, please visit the links below or contact your customs service to restrictions to import, and costs incurred in your region, country or Department before placing your order to avoid unpleasant surprises:

    For The European Union:
    Internet customs and Excise

    For Canada:
    Canada post & Customs Requirements

    For U.S. States: - Home page

  • Delivery and claims for lost packages::

  • Small packet by air mail internationall
    Order sent by small packets airmail outside Canada has an approximate delivery time from 7 to 12 business days. (For certain countries) may take up 30 to 45 days for delivery this deadline is not guaranteed by and is entirely governed by delivery standards and conditions for Canada Post. Therefore, does is not responsible for delays. Please also take note that the service small packet airmail has no tracking number.
    IMPORTANT : This time excluded all manufacturing deadlines that may be applicable.


    It takes 45 days working (Monday to Friday) after the date of dispatch to contact us for a survey of Canada Post. Following the conclusions of the investigation, We will ship back ordered items. On request we can send a duplicate scanned via email receipt of shipment.

    Articles forbidden (IMPORTANT)

    Some countries prohibit the importation of certain articles. We can still however, dispatch the customer from the obligation to inquire BEFORE ordering to see if items ordered are not the subject banned in his country.
    Any parcels containing articles prohibited by the country of the customer who lose or who enter the customs of the country of the customer will be refunded or exchanged!

    Here is the link to inform you of bans products per country :


    The delivery time may vary between 3 to 7 days depending on the address ship in Canada. This deadline is not guaranteed by the and is entirely governed by delivery standards and conditions for Canada Post. Therefore, does is not responsible for delays.


    If you do not receive your package within the period prescribed by Canada Post, please contact us to initiate an investigation.

    Important: This time excluded all manufacturing deadlines that may be applicable. For more information about delivery or for all other standards information post Canada, please visit the Canada Postal Guide Canada Postal Guide

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  • All store products are in Canadian dollars.
  • For Canadian residents federal tax GST and QST or HST provincial apply to all items and postage.
  • There is no Canadian tax on items shipped outside Canada.
    Customer pays only the amount of his order.

  • Prices on the store may be subject to change without notice.

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  • The method of payment by credit card is accepted directly or via the PayPal service to your choice.
  • Upon confirmation of the transaction, the package will be shipped immediately.

  • Visa - MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted directly for phone orders.
  • Persons who are of their order by other means offered by the store that is otherwise only from their credit card payment is made as a strictly voluntary share action and in no case this Act may be considered or construed as method of payment required or offered by the store CollierUniversel even if we agree to make the sale.

    Outside Canada:
    • Visa - MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted directly on WebSite or by phone
    • Service Western Union.

    • Payment by credit card through the PayPal service.

    • Payment direct transfer through the PayPal service.

    Personal and certified checks are rejected regardless of the context.

    Payments are required before the shipmentof orders.

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    • Only the items that have a manufacturing defect or damaged during shipping will be redeemable by the same nine items.

    • Save as otherwise provided by law, no goods will be refunded. Only may order a refund in the event of force majeure. Once performed obligations store is not required by law to pay a client who refuses to comply with the conditions of sale. little therefore require the customer to comply with the contract of sale. Any shipping or return costs will be reimbursed.

    • On receipt of the parcel, the sales contract is declared closed and is therefore non-revocable.

    • As soon as his home delivery, customer becomes the owner of his parcel.
      Customer may return his goods or who refuses the package hoping to be reimbursed, will see its parcels returned to the field and will pay the costs incurred to retrieve his parcel. is held not responsible if the parcel made seize for postage unpaid.
      Whatever the reason, no submission against refund will be accepted by

    • We do are not responsible for any way errors or differences in Size which could arise because there may be differences between the cores from two different companies. Article, such as rings, magnitude error it will replace the same item in good Size. Additional charges may be applicable for a shrink or larger.
      We recommend you have your accurate measurement in millimeter (circumference or diameter) and give us this information before any purchase so that we draw to give you the right measure to choose.

    • You can compare the different measurement system at this address :

    • Customer acknowledges that he buys a physical product and that the result energy properties of the item is not under the responsibility of Collier Universel
    • This is not a valid reason to be eligible for an Exchange.

    • The customer must contact us at address where it should return its command.

    • Postage for return are borne by the customer.

    • Images on the site are for informational purposes only. The difference between the actual product and image shown on the site does not constitute a defect of manufacture. This is not a valid reason to be eligible for an Exchange.

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    All information marked with an asterisk (* required information) are mandatory and required to process commands in due form. The lack of important information will cause the cancellation of the order.

    Depending on the rights of access to information, the client can, if he so requests of our service, review information regarding, edit them, or delete. Proof of identity will be then asked to ensure the security of your personal information.

    In no case the Boutique will disclose its customers either party or completely to companies or other personal information. We don't send never mail requesting to write your personal details and confirm.

    For all inquiries, comments or complaints, please contact us by
    By Email:

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