Who are we?


Who are we?

In 1984  - In this year Jean St-Amand founded the Crystal Research and Compilation Center. Following his many researches on stones, crystals and waves of form he started to give courses and conferences on these subjects. The people attending these conferences were asking

Where can I get these tools? ?

And it was to fill this gap that he decided to get involved in the preparation and distribution of products that until then had been almost impossible to find on the market. Initially rather traditional, these products were distributed through the exhibition centers. Then he quickly settled in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal under the banner of Collier Universel and esoteric shop was born in Montreal, P.Q.

 In 1989 - Several other people wanted to join this project and it was then that Collier Universel became incorporated and became Collier Universel + inc..

It was at this time that the company took a new start with the creation of jewels inspired by schools of mysteries, whether of origins: Egyptian, Mayan, Atlantean, Hinduism, Tibetan, Rosicrucian, Freemasonry or others.

In 1995 - The medieval and Celtic aspect was then added by Louise St-Laurent under the emblem Le Chatelet des Chevalerie Sacrees still at the same address

In 2004 - Collier Universel + inc took a new turn. After 20 years of loyal service, we closed the shop and made the decision to work and sell with the new technologies. This gives us the opportunity to stay in touch with our loyal local clientele and expand our horizons globally..

  The mission we have given ourselves is to promote so-called magic thought. Based on the fact that, whatever your religion or your beliefs, it persists in almost all people; a faith, a trust, a belief that there are tools that can protect us, help us to grow, to flourish, to lift us up.

The traditional virtues of certain symbols, prayers, shapes, plants, smells, stones, colors or others are natural and universally widespread and have helped to make life easier for humans for thousands of years.

In 2017 -The Online Shop CollierUniversel.com gives itself a new Look