Solomon's Seal (Pe-68)[PE-68]



As the David Star Salomon's seal is the Symbol of the balance.
It is considered the Key of all the Powers.

According to the history Salomon's seal was a magic ring which King Salomon possessed ...

Professor Veine said:
« Salomon's seal is the keystone,   The cornerstone of the architecture of the power of Salomon and the world
on which he maintains his power …
Salomon's seal seals and receives all the secrets.
It is the symbol of the one who possesses the world, and all knowledge,
It is the symbol of the "Great Architect."

Sterling Silver (.925 ) Pendant
Dimension of: 30mm - Weight approximately 6 grams

This pendant will arrive at you accompanied with a rite of consecration
And of the material necessary for this rite.

85.00$ Cad
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