Ba-548-F Narrow Atlantis Ring 10k Gold[Ba-548-F_10k]

Ba-548-F     Narrow Atlantis Ring
Made with 10K Gold (.417)

The Atlantis Ring is a Protection Ring

It is a reproduction of Atlantis Ring Model most known on the market.
It was in the beginning reproduced starting from the sketches carried out at the time of its discovery in 1860.
During more than 30 years, it was the only model available on the market.

The Ba-548 exists in 2 widths:

    The model F (Ba-548F) Presented here of a width of 4,6 mm
         The model H (Ba-548H) of a width of 6 mm

       For more details on this ring and its effects see:
                        Effects Description and suggested

Ba-548 F      It is an economic model

Your Atlantis Ring Ba-548 will arrive :

      In a velvet pouch
       With a document on the history of the ring and its properties,
       The real incense for Purification/Consecration
       A charcoal and the Ritual of Consecration.

OF 10 TO 20 DAY

Charter of Ring size conversion
500.00$ Cad

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