*Ba-550_H Atlantis Ring (Sterling .925)[Ba-550_H]

The Atlantis Ring Ba-550H        Sterling Silver. (.925)

The First Atlantis Ring In conformity

It is the first model carried out starting from the photographs of the original Atlantis Ring.
This Ring has undergoes much improvement to be compared with the Atlantis ring former
This was in the beginning reproduced starting from a sketch carried out at the time of its discovery in 1860.
(Sketch which unfortunately missed precision.)
One finds 6 pyramids there as well as continuous lines on with dimensions the left of the triangles which them are marked of a point.

For more details on this ring and its effects see :       Atlantis-ring.com

Ba-550 H has a width of 7,2 mm      It is an economic model

Charter of Ring size conversion
65.00$ Cad

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